It doesn’t matter if you’re in town for a day or a week. By joining the Free Bike Tour you can explore the most suggestive spots of the city with our guides, within two hours, paying what you want.

It's easy: you visit the city by bike, only paying 2 euro for the bike-rental, then you freely choose how much to pay for the service that the guide offers.

  • Choose the city
  • Book your Free Bike Tour
  • Go to the meeting point
  • Hop in the saddle and follow the guide
  • Enjoy the Free Bike Tour
  • Freely choose the price


The 3rd biggest city in Spain, signed by Santiago Calatrava, the most famous Valencian architect, who planned the futuristic City of Arts and Science. The city center is beautiful, and the Turia Gardens make the city unique. The narrow streets close to the beach will make the ride unforgettable.


The Idea

The idea of the Free Bike Tour was born in Passion Bike, a bike rental, to sensitize citizens, using a green way to move and visit the city.

The guides are always ready to ride a bike showing the most beautiful places. The FREE formula allow you to choose how much you want to pay for this service. Easy!

For an enviromental friendly tourism, suitable for families with kids, groups of friends, singles and couples.


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